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Calling All Baby Boomers!

Members of Pennant Hills Uniting Church have become aware that those of the “Baby Boomer” age group may value meeting new people and making connections within the local community.

It is easy to forget that within our local area many people are alone, feel socially isolated or have only a limited circle of friends; particularly if their time is spent caring for someone else. Others may be new to the area, newly retired, or new to making a “new life” for themselves. Some may just want something different and enjoyable to do locally on a Saturday night.

With these situations in mind, the “Baby Boomers” of Pennant Hills Uniting Church are providing social events as an opportunity for people to meet, enjoy fun activities together, and make new friends.

Those who are interested, and indeed those who are nervous about getting out, are encouraged to “take the plunge” and come; and maybe even meet some of your neighbours!

The social events occur throughout the year at Pennant Hills Uniting Church on the corner of Boundary Road and Bellamy Streets in Pennant Hills. They are held on the second Saturday of each month.

For more information contact Peter and Caryn on 02 9876 1611 or Geoff on 0408 121 690.

When is the next Baby Boomers Social?

For upcoming event information please go to the church calendar or contact us. You are welcome to join us at our next event!


“I know myself since being semi-retired I have had to focus on making new friends within the local community. Being in full time employment scarcely gave me any time for any local social events . . . but now, I need to be more involved with those around me.”


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